ORMALVI (Dichlorphenamide) Tablets

Helping to take care of your patients with Primary Periodic Paralysis.

ORMAVLI is for patients with Primary Periodic Paralysis, including hyperkalemic periodic paralysis, hypokalemic periodic paralysis and related variants.1

It can help your patients feel more confident by reducing the frequency and severity of attacks.2

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Dichlorphenamide is the only medication approved by the FDA for the treatment of Primary Periodic Paralysis and it is well tolerated in patients with Primary Periodic Paralysis.3


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Available in 50 mg tablets.2

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A proven treatment for Primary Periodic Paralysis.3

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The same proven dichlorphenamide your patients are familiar with.2

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We know that life-changing treatments need a support system which is tailored to the unique challenges your patients face. That’s why we created Cycle Vita™, our dedicated hub support program, which delivers individualized product support* at every step. Including:

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What is Primary Periodic Paralysis?

Primary Periodic Paralysis is a rare autosomal-dominant disease characterized by severe episodes of muscle weakness concomitant to variations in blood potassium levels.

Find out more about Primary Periodic Paralysis on our website, including what causes it and how to diagnose it. You can also hear from an expert about symptoms, patient examples and diagnosis across our video series.

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